5 Video Marketing Strategies for SMBs: Snackable Marketing Episode 14

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Andrew Farquer

Andrew Farquer is the founder of Liberty Digital, LLC where he uses his training and experience in anthropology, design, and marketing to grow brands online. Born and raised outside Philadelphia, he enjoys technology, culture, history, and traveling. Connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Hey everybody, I’m Andrew Farquer.

In this episode, I’ll be discussing 5 video marketing strategies SMBs can use to grow their business online.

In the last episode, I talked about the importance of social media and several key strategies to use. If you missed that recording you should definitely go check it out.

Video’s popularity is just blowing up right now.

Everyone is taking advantage and for some pretty great reasons.

Its personable, it’s fast, and can convey a lot of information very quickly.

Plus there are tons of different kinds of videos and you don’t have to invest a lot of money to get started.

Add it all up and everyone from kids to international corporations are taking advantage.

But you might be wondering how to use this powerful medium for your small business.

In this episode, I’ll go over several ways you can use your videos to grow your brand online and increase your KPIs.

video roiPut them on your website — especially landing pages and to support marketing funnels

First, you need to be putting your videos on your website.

Don’t have a website? Get one!

With all the options available today, every business should have a website.

Once you’ve got yours up and running, let’s add the power of video.

Your homepage should feature at least one video.

The type of video will be specific to your goals but make sure it’s high quality and not too long.

Any other landing pages are also great spots to put videos and will really support your inbound marketing funnels.

videos with purposeUse Different Kinds of Videos

There are so many types of videos you can use and certain ones work best for certain levels of your marketing funnel.

Use educational videos, animated videos and explainer or tutorial videos for people who are just learning about your brand.

These help attract an audience and position you as an expert. Once they’ve gotten to know you, begin to nurture them with testimonial videos and product or service videos.

They key for these is to not be too salesy.

And, these are great because they can show how a product solves their problem quickly and without a heavily detailed explanation.

Just let the product or service sell itself!

Finally, use FAQ videos and instructional or detailed demo videos to alleviate any questions for concerns a potential buyer might have.

videos get sharedVideo Marketing Strategies: Use Them On Social Media

Regardless of which social channels you’re using for your business, they all move fast.

Reading long text is probably not going to work.

Image are better, but videos are better still.

They have a way of captivating people and it’s essentially a passive form of communication.

By that I mean, people don’t really have to expend any effort, just watch and listen.

Plus, if your videos are really good, they’ll be either entertaining and/or educational.

Both are what your audience wants.

All this adds up to making videos perfect for social media.

Make sure to keep any videos you use on social relatively short and captivating.

Think of top of funnel videos like educational, animated or short explainer videos.

Also, behind the scenes videos and testimonials are great for social media.

Connect With VideoGive Your Brand More Personality

People want to know the culture of your brand.

What’s it like?

What are it’s values?

Is it fun, or serious?

Videos are a great way to show the human side of your small business.

Behind the scenes videos are perfect for this.

If you’re a restaurant, take the viewer on a tour of your kitchen or show how a popular dish is made.

Another great type of video is to make short videos of your staff or employees talking a little about themselves and what its like to work for your business.

There’s no need to be a cold faceless business and usually, showing the human side pays off big time.

Email Open Rate HackInclude Videos In Your Email Marketing

Lastly, include your videos in the emails your sending to your customers.

If you don’t already have an email newsletter setup, you should do that right away and start sending emails with videos embedded to your subscribers.

Be sure to use some strategy here and make that the video you include is related to the content of the email and its goal.

Those are 5 video marketing strategies SMBs can use to grow their business online. Video is hugely popular right now and its very effective.

Thanks for listening and I hope you found this episode helpful.

If you did, please share it with your network and definitely connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

In the next episode I’ll be discussing how small businesses can get started with email marketing.

Until next time, thanks again for listening.

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